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This program uses engaging activities and techniques that help improve a childís early self-confidence, pencil grip, and body awareness skills.

Instructional methods use fun, entertaining, and educationally sound tested principles. Brochure

This interactive computer program is based on the traditional music metronome.  Sensors that are activated with the hands and feet are used to provide an objective measure of a personís ability to create specific, repetitive movements while maintaining a constant rhythm.   Brochure

Usually, most children are constantly in motion and getting into everything.  This is because all children have a natural need to take in information through the sense by moving, touching, feeling, hearing, tasting, and smelling everything that they can. If not, this is where we can help!

A whole body approach which combines auditory listening and body movement. An auditory program that utilizes electrically altered music in conjunction with movement and daily skills.

Kids learning through oral motor and oral stimulation techniques.



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